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Mold Validation Can Be Done Remotely with New Plug-and-Play Kit

Progressive Components Remote Validation Kit
Progressive Components has configured its proven remote mold monitoring technology into a Remote Validation Kit, so that tooling engineers can scale back site visits to validate tooling.

To accommodate the business climate during the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes less travel, Progressive Components has configured its proven remote mold monitoring technology into a plug-and-play Remote Validation Kit. The kit is a dedicated tablet mounted in a case, with a press module and gateway to connect to an on-mold CVe monitor.

The Remote Validation Kit can be shipped ready-to-go to help expedite the mold approval process. Image courtesy Progressive Components.

With the newly configured Remote Validation Kit, molders and mold manufacturers get the help they need in the PPAP or IQ/OQ/PQ approval process to expedite molds into production. The “backbone” of this capability comes from Progressive’s long-time innovative expertise in mold monitoring, said the company. From the first mechanical cycle counter invented in 1993 and the first mold management software program, ProFile, developed in 1996 to the CVe monitoring platform introduced nearly 10 years ago, Progressive notes that it has offered experience and support for tooling visibility requirements.

For OEMs, the Remote Validation Kit can reduce or eliminate the need for tooling engineers to drive or fly back and forth to suppliers’ sites to validate their tools. Instead, a ready-to-go kit can be shipped to a facility for remote mold qualification, securely providing visibility to the status of the startup process with live data.

Molders can get into production faster, even if the customer can’t travel on-site. Access to specific molds (or event-specific fields within those molds) can be granted. Then, real-time mold performance activity, such as average temperature, is visible. A virtual file cabinet for mold documentation, activity reports, and process sheets is also provided.

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