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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-731

What's Hot! The Plastics Xpert (MPX) system (Apr '00 PA, p 29) is claimed to be the first for optimizing the manufacture of injection molded parts. The system runs on a Windows NT platform and allows the user to perform model filling analysis results to generate an optimized process starting point for the injection molding machine. An additional feature is a module called Production Adviser that alerts users to process parameters that drift and provides advice on how to correct the problem.

MPX is said to be the first software/hardware solution that interfaces directly with injection molding machine controllers on the shop floor to ensure simple setup, real-time process optimization and production control according to set parameters.

Moldflow says that with MPX, users can reduce mold setup time by as much as 60 to 80% and reduce production scrap rates by as much as 50 to 60%.

Existing Products On Display Moldflow has announced several new software releases in the past several months. At NPE, the company will demonstrate the newest version of Moldflow Plastics Advisers (MPA) version 4.0, which comprises two software products, Moldflow Part Adviser and Moldflow Mold Adviser (Jan '00 PA, p 6).

Also on display will be Version 1.1 of Moldflow Plastics Insight (MPI). MPI (Jan '00 PA, p 8) is an integrated suite of CAE analysis software that makes it possible for plastics part design, mold design and machine processing conditions to be optimized during the design stage.

Cool Booth Details Moldflow will offer promotional giveaways and incentive programs. Circle 308

Booth Personnel Keri Souza, Dawn Rogers

Key Contact Keri Souza, Mktg. Comm. Mgr. ­ Tel: 781-674-0085; Fax: 781-674-0267;
Web Site: www.moldflow.com 

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