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February 1, 2000

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Moldmaking: New Method Improves Part Quality, Reduces Cycle Times

Moldmaking: New Method Improves Part Quality, Reduces Cycle Times

Dwight Morgan thinks he's on tosomething. "CoolMOLD isn't just avariation of an existing process," he says. "It's part of a paradigm shift in the whole moldmaking process that will offer significantpart quality and productivity improvements."

Morgan is president of Precision Optical Manufacturing Co. (POM) and he's a bit biased because POM developed whatit calls CoolMOLD Thermal Control that uses direct metaldeposition (DMD) to improve molded part quality and reduce mold cycle times by as much as 50%.

The key, says Morgan, is thermal management of the mold. Using DMD, the process allows mold makers to achieve highly efficient management of injection mold tooling. This contributes to reduced temperaturevariations within the mold and less molded-in stress.

DMD is described as an additive process that uses laser, CAD/CAM, sensors and powder metallurgy. As a focused industrial laser beam is shot onto a tool steel work piece or preform, it creates a small pool of molten metal. A small stream of powdered tool steel is then injected into the melt pool to increase its size.

By moving the laser beam back and forth under CNC control and tracing out a pattern determined by the CAD design, the solid part is built one layer at a time.

Precision OpticalManufacturing Co.
Plymouth, MI

Source: PLASTICS Daily News wire service, Business Intelligence Group, Morrisville, PA  

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