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Molds & tooling: Fast tooling changes realized

November 1, 2007

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Molds & tooling: Fast tooling changes realized

This firm has added a new product to their line of Segen cylinder locks aimed at fast tooling and mold changes. Used as an alternative to traditional nuts and bolts for saving time by accurately and repeatedly locating and locking various components in place without the need for tools, this enhanced version of the Segen product utilizes an internal sensor to offer the machine operator a visual means of identifying that the mechanism is positively locked or unlocked, thereby improving the safety, reliability, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of the system. Segen quick-change devices consist of a steel cylinder lock and a corresponding knob. The cylinder lock, designed to receive and mate with a conical male knob, locates and positions the knob to within 0.0002 inch with a holding force of up to 25,000 lb per device, depending on cylinder specifications. The cylinder locks stay mechanically locked until pneumatic pressure is applied to automatically release them. Tooling Technology, Fort Loramie, OH, U.S.A.; +1 937-295-3672; www.segen-online.com or www.toolingtechgroup.com

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