M.R. Mold to showcase new stuffer box at MD&M East

M.R. Mold & Engineering, a mold manufacturer specializing in injection molds and molds for processing liquid silicone rubber (LSR), announced the available of its latest version of its stuffer box, a proprietary product developed through M.R. Mold's LSR R&D.

Cleaning the pumping units after material changes in LSR processing is time consuming, as it has to break down a pumping unit from production. M.R. Mold's stuffer box is the answer for prototyping, short run molding or micro-molding.

The new stuffer box has a volume of 27 cubic inches or 1.1 pounds of pre-mixed material and is capable of feeding LSR, gum stock silicone and some organic rubbers. The chamber is made of 420 hardened stainless steel. The controller regulates air pressure to 120 psi, and 1200 psi on the material. The stuffer box comes with a ¾-14 NPT female thread to connect the stuffer box to the molding machine.

Material is fed directly into the machine barrel, eliminating the need to clean the pumping unit and material feed mechanism.

The stuffer box can be seen on display at MD&M East in New York, June 10-12, Booth #646. For more information contact the company at [email protected].

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