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January 1, 2007

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Multi-axis IML robot for high-speed molds

A multi-stage robot cell works with fast-cycle, high-production molds for inmold labeling and decorating. Designed for cups, containers, and similar products, the system has three fully-programmable robot arms to handle the positioning of graphic film, insertion in the mold, and removal and stacking of the final product. All functions of the cell are teachable through a hand-held color touchscreen display, with open-architecture line-by-line editing capability and on-the-fly process optimization of positions and speeds. The multi-axis servo design allows changeover between cavity spacing and number, label size, and final part stacking patterns. The system also includes dual label trays that slide into the workcell through safety guarding to replenish inmold film stock. Static charge controls neutralize the film pre-mold and condition it to maintain position in the mold during cycle.

Ranger Automation Systems, Shrewsbury, MA
(508) 842-6500; www.rangerautomation.com

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