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Need injection molding information? There’s an app for that!

Need some information on injection molding processing fast? There's an app for that! Routsis Training, a training provider for the plastics industry, announced the release of its new free app for both Apple and Android devices. This handy Injection Molding Reference Guide puts essential processing information right at your finger tips, allowing for critical on-the-spot inquiries to be addressed, even while standing in front of the press on the production floor.

Clare Goldsberry

September 23, 2014

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Need injection molding information? There’s an app for that!

The reference guide ensures that technicians have the information needed for establishing a scientific molding process and to troubleshoot effectively using a systematic scientific approach. Other useful reference materials include: material properties, additives and preparation, frequently used calculations, basic mold and part design guidelines, as well as outlining the importance of ongoing training and skill development.

The free app also includes information regarding the RightStart and SmartTech training solutions offered by Routsis Training, as well as video previews from actual training courses.

"Our free app is updated on a frequent basis and includes a great amount of useful and practical information that can be located easily in the palm of your hand," said Any Routsis, President of Routsis Training.

Routsis told PlasticsToday that the need for immediate information is becoming greater, and while the reference guide was originally in book format, that's not always the most convenient way to look up information. "Everyone is using their devices for quick access to almost anything they need to know so why not injection molding information?" stated Routsis.

For example, a process tech might need to know the recommended temperature range of a certain material while standing in front of the press. All they need to do is look up the material and the information is right there.

By the end of the year, Routsis noted that all Routsis Training programs will be available through apps as well, and in multiple languages. 

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Clare Goldsberry

Until she retired in September 2021, Clare Goldsberry reported on the plastics industry for more than 30 years. In addition to the 10,000+ articles she has written, by her own estimation, she is the author of several books, including The Business of Injection Molding: How to succeed as a custom molder and Purchasing Injection Molds: A buyers guide. Goldsberry is a member of the Plastics Pioneers Association. She reflected on her long career in "Time to Say Good-Bye."

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