New desktop injection molding machine gives competition a run for its money: Page 2 of 2

supply; while the cycle time is a bit slow, as a result, it is much faster than a 3D printer.

“Our typical cycle time is about 60 seconds,” Kara said. “The fan on top of the molding area is controlled electronically. It requires setting the temperature of the mold at a specific degree, and when the fan needs to come on, it will do so automatically and at different speeds, depending on temperature requirements. It’s fully automated so when you push the button to start the machine, it’s basically hands off.”

Kara noted that the price of the APSX-PIM is one of the primary differences between their machine and a competitor’s “desktop” molding machine—it is about one-third the price, which makes the APSX-PIM very affordable.

 APSX’s primary targets for the new molder are full- or part-time CNC machinists, product design studios, high-tech medical equipment manufacturers, engineering and technical schools and DIY hobbyists and inventors. The APSX-PIM will be featured on Kickstarter this month, where Kara and Cevik hope to raise $50,000 “to get things rolling.” It will be made in the USA at the company’s Cincinnati facility.   

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