New die and molding tools from Meusburger

Introduces locking cylinder with high load capacity and circular-base cutting punches

Meusburger (Wolfurt), an Austria-based manufacturer of standard components, now offers an optimal solution for core pullers and slides for injection molds and dies: The E7055 locking cylinder. A large surface on the slide or core puller results in high forces, which typically can only be absorbed by very large hydraulic cylinders. The locking cylinder with mechanical locking in the end position offers a high load capacity even with a compact design.

Meusburger locking cylinder
E7055 locking cylinder.

The practical flange design enables a defined position of the oil ports and sensors, which provide high process reliability through end position monitoring. On plastic parts with an aperture, the cylinder is mounted with preload to prevent burr formation. However, if the core is free in the injection-molded part, the cylinder is installed without preload. The E7088 adapter for the locking cylinder enables easy connection on the slide or core puller.

The new locking cylinder from Meusburger is available from stock with retaining forces from 40 to 500 kN and with the corresponding attachments.

Also now available from Meusburger is a wide range of cutting punches with round bases. These are manufactured in house using the company’s new automated cylindrical grinding machine. That allows Meusburger to provide attractive lead times. The cutting punches with round bases are available in the standard range as well as in configurable versions in different head shapes and materials.

Meusburger cutting punch
Cutting punch with round base.

For the configurable punches, the cutting edge length is freely selectable and the cutting edge diameter can be adjusted in steps of one-hundredth. With the cutting punch configurator from Meusburger, parts can be configured in just a few clicks in the online shop, and the CAD data is immediately available for download. 

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