New pressure transducers practically immune to thermal-zero-shift errors

True-Melt sensor from Nominal ControlsNominal Controls Inc. (Toronto, ON) has introduced True-Melt pressure transducers that, it claims, are practically immune to thermal-zero-shift errors. True-Melt transducers feature advanced temperature compensations that automatically correct for zero-shift errors; these temperature-induced pressure drift errors could otherwise impede accuracy by as much as 5% to 25% FSO.

Previously, pressure measurements at the extremes of low melt pressure (0 to 500 psi, for example) or high melt temperatures (>500oF) had mostly been unfeasible because of pressure sensor thermal-zero-shift. True-Melt transducers reportedly reduce melt pressure sensor zero-shift from a typical 60 psi/100oF to less than 5 psi/100oF.

“This innovation will support new capabilities in polymer processing, aerospace and other scientific applications,” said lead engineer Mike Zhang, winner of the 2018 Canada Plastics Innovator Award.

True-Melt pressure transducers currently support pressure measurements as low as 0 to 100 psi at up to 750oF. Available with 3.33 mV/V, 4-20 mA, or 0-10 V DC signal output, they can be further customized to meet specific user needs.

Nominal Controls Inc. began as a private R&D lab. It was formally founded in 2016 after having made a significant breakthrough in advanced electronics. Nominal’s mission is to innovate reliable solutions that can benefit entire industries.

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