New synflow technology features enhanced pin-opening controls

The newest iteration of synflow technology, synflow3 from Synventive (Peabody, MA), allows injection molders to slow the opening of a pin for a set distance and hold it at any position mid-stroke. This enables control of the flow rate of each nozzle to balance family molds or fill complex multi-gated geometries. Alternating opening profiles can also be programmed, offering the ability to pre-fill cold runners or create differential packing within complex multi-gated parts.

The third generation of synflow was developed with simplicity of use in mind and dramatically increases functionality, according to Synventive. Synflow technology helps molders eliminate cosmetic defects on sequentially filled parts caused by sudden flow front accelerations and stagnations created when the delayed pins open.


The most significant difference between synflow and other pin-control technologies currently on the market, according to Synventive, is the ability to easily upgrade. During mold sampling, if it is determined through a brief trial that synflow would benefit the process, the technology can be installed and running in a matter of minutes.

All Synventive valve-gated hot runners can come standard with SVG+, which includes position sensors that allow for the simple upgrade. Synflow technology can be added to any activeGate-enabled system through simple external hookups. Molders no longer need to commit to flow-control technologies for the life of the tool not knowing if they will ever actually be needed, said Synventive. 

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