Nuts and bolts of scientific molding explored in free webinar

“Injection molding is one of the most complex part formation processes on the planet,” John Beaumont of Beaumont Technologies once told PlasticsToday. And yet, the science applied to plastic materials grew separately from the plastics processing industry, “which has resulted in the injection molding process and tooling practices evolving as an art form,” added Beaumont. The advent of data-driven scientific molding changed that paradigm, replacing a trial-and-error, knob-twiddling approach with a data-driven technique that delivers repeatability and consistency. The injection molding community hasn’t looked back since, but here’s something it can look forward to: A free webinar devoted to the key principles of scientific molding methodology, presented by Garrett MacKenzie and produced by PlasticsToday.

Garrett MacKenzie
Garrett MacKenzie

The hour-long session will delve into the essential tools and processes associated with scientific molding principles, including data capture and process standardization as well as cycle time improvements that don’t jeopardize process consistency or scrap rates. Got questions? MacKenzie will do his best to answer them during a live 15-minute Q&A session.

Molding managers, process engineers, quality engineers, process technicians and anyone who needs an understanding of scientific molding and lean manufacturing concepts will benefit from this webinar, says MacKenzie, who runs the website. A 31-year veteran of the plastics industry, MacKenzie describes himself as a "strong supporter of the John Bozzelli methodology."

The webinar is scheduled for Feb. 13 at 11 AM, Pacific time. Registration is free.

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