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While technology is one key, including the new CT-Scanning offered by the company and presented at NPE, NyproMold explains what makes a successful mold manufacturing company.

Clare Goldsberry

May 7, 2012

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NyproMold carves out high-tech tooling niche

While technology is one key, including the new CT-Scanning offered by the company and presented at NPE, NyproMold explains what makes a successful mold manufacturing company.

Probably the last time you had a CT scan was when you ran into that mold being moved with an overhead crane. NyproMold Inc. now offers CT-scanning as part of its suite of metrology services to provide fast, precise 3D representations of parts both internally and externally. With this internally developed process, called 'FASTscan,' 100% dimensional feedback is obtained very early in the testing process. It also allows for easy metrology evaluations that were previously technically difficult and time consuming to achieve.nypromold.jpg

NyproMold cat scan

"We believe we're the only moldmaker in North America to have this capability," said William Muldoon, president of NyproMold. "It provides detailed information on a part or assembly that was previously either unattainable or extremely difficult to obtain, and helps us to make decisions that allow us to build and qualify molds faster than ever before."

CT-scanning also allows NyproMold to understand the quality of the plastic part more comprehensively and much faster. Tom Casali, manager of the NyproMold Technology Center, said that during these initial mold trials, FASTscan is used to confirm that the centerline molding process that has been developed will provide the customer the most accurate dimensional results as compared to traditional metrology techniques. "FASTscan verifies the alignment between molding capability and mold quality, and gives us added confidence we will be successful going forward with a full first-article inspection," he explained.

NyproMold uses scientific molding to develop the process during mold tryouts. "But how do you know it's the most optimum process?" Muldoon asked during an interview with PlasticsToday. "Using the CT-scanning allows us to compare the scanned part with the 3D CAD model and shorten the entire process. Every time a moldmaker has a part out of spec, it takes iterations to make it right and that takes time. This gives us true knowledge-based information, not just 'I think I need to tune this dimension or that.' CT-scanning supplies us with better information faster."

NyproMold has always been on the cutting edge of technology, but according to Muldoon, technology is just one component in the company's business model that he thinks sets it apart from the crowd. "We have a good understanding of the global moldmaking market and our global competition," Muldoon told PlasticsToday in an interview at the recent NPE. "In fact, there are probably more moldmakers in the world than there is business so the key is to find a way to set ourselves apart from the rest."

While European moldmakers have always been known as the most technologically innovative and leaders in mold manufacturing, Muldoon believes that in addition to focusing on high levels of technology the key to NyproMold's success is focusing in on the total value the company provides its global customers. And, Muldoon admits, it's not easy for mold companies to verbally convey their value to customers who have competing requirements for low cost as well as long term high quality production capability.


NyproMold cat scan

"Because at face value [moldmakers] look much the same, it's hard for OEMs to see the difference," Muldoon said. "And they all say the same thing. Core/cavity interchangeability is a good example. Almost every production moldmaker says they have the capability to make molds with interchangeable cores and cavities. For OEMs with multiple locations around the world that run their molds for many years, interchangeability is necessary and critical to maintenance. When you investigate the capabilities required to achieve true mold-to-mold interchangeability in tooling that is built at different time periods you will find that the engineering and precision manufacturing challenges are many and a lot of moldmakers fall short of the true capability."

Another key to NyproMold's success, Muldoon explained, is that NyproMold truly engages the customer at all levels to create value and relationships that last. "We touch all the different stake holders within our customers," he said. "From the front end product design to the people responsible for running the press on Sunday night, our belief is that we must listen to the needs of the people who are responsible for delivering the product. The mold quality has to be there for them to do the job. At the end of the day, it's about building a mold that produces a part that meets the needs of the overall product and has the capability to reliably produce those parts cost effectively when and where our customers need them."

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