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July 1, 2004

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O-I working on compression molded preforms

This summer, processor Owens-Illinois plans to begin commercial processing of compression molded PET preforms. The Toledo, OH company says it has taken shipment of a compression molding machine from ORT Tool & Die (Erie, MI) for processing of PET preforms. The machine is said to have output to 300 million preforms/yr. Customers are already lined up, according to O-I.

Details on the machine and its prospects are difficult to glean now, as O-I intends to sell its plastics containers business and has "put a moratorium on advertising and press releases associated with (its) Plastic Container (division)." Based on information made available before the moratorium, O-I has licensed technology for preform compression molding (PCM) from Toyo Seikan (Tokyo).

According to that firm, PCM allows for use of lower extrusion temperatures, which can help reduce acetaldehyde levels. PCM is suitable for monolayer or multilayer preforms as well as wide mouth designs. PCM could prove to be a less-expensive process than injection molding of preforms, as it uses less-costly tooling and requires no hot runners. ORT Tool & Die, Erie, MI; 419-242-9553; www.orttool.com

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