Pacific Plastics Injection Molding Completes 5,000-Square-Foot Expansion

Pacific Plastics Injection Molding (PPIM), a division of Diversified Plastics Inc. (DPI; Minneapolis, MN) based in Vista, CA, announced the addition of 5,000 square feet of production and office space to its existing facility. Begun in September of last year, the expansion is designed to reduce lead times and improve production and safety conditions, said the company.

Rob Gilman, PPIM General Manager, said the expansion includes 3,000 square feet of additional manufacturing area and 2,000 square feet of office and assembly space. “In our initial concept, we wanted this new space to facilitate an increase of our floor,” Gilman said. “Now that it is done, I’m pleased to report that we exceeded that target. This enables us to support future growth for our customers. It’s a world-class upgrade.”

PPIM also renovated HVAC equipment to accommodate the additional square footage and enhance the working environment. A 165-ton vertical injection molding machine was added to accelerate production delivery and meet expanding customer demands. PPIM also plans to install five additional presses.

Acquired by DPI in late 2018, PPIM has since delivered on a series of production and equipment upgrades that have proven valuable to customers. Last April, PPIM met rapidly growing business demands with the installation of a customized automated loading system. Employing advanced robotic technology, the new system operates around the clock, decreasing production times by 34% and reducing scrap material by half. These improvements provide PPIM customers with faster service and even better pricing, explained the company.

While recent investments in production and facilities give PPIM a strong competitive advantage, its synergistic relationship deriving from the DPI acquisition has opened even more possibilities for both enterprises, said PPIM. PPIM’s presses range from 28 to 500 tons. The company also offers clean-cell molding for medical products, mold design, engineering, fabrication, and validation.

"As our companies continue to work together, we’re realizing more mutual benefits every day,” said DPI CEO Kevin Hogan. “Whenever DPI brings something to the table, like our experienced sales team or advanced technologies like Carbon Digital Light Synthesis additive manufacturing, PPIM strengthens our position further with geographic and sourcing strategies and diverse experience in new industry segments. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership.”

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