PlastiCert Brings New Injection Molding Press Online

PlastiCert, an innovative plastic injection molding and manufacturing company based in Lewiston, MN, recently acquired a new Multiplas vertical/horizontal injection molding press.

The VC-2R-55T Multiplas Vertical Clamp Horizontal Injection press was brought online on March 18 and is geared primarily to accommodate insert molding operations, said PlastiCert. The vertical orientation of the mold opening and closing facilitates working with the mold for this type of operation. With the mold clamp operating vertically, a press can be outfitted with either a two-location shuttle or multi-location rotary table.

Multiplas vertical/horizontal injection molding press at PlastiCert
The Multiplas vertical/horizontal injection molding press is suited for insert molding operations. Image courtesy PlastiCert.

After completion of the shot cycle, the A half of the mold rises and the B half can be slid or rotated out of position replaced by an identical B half. The new shot takes place while an operator or robot extracts the finished part from the first B half and inserts new hardware to be insert-molded in the next cycle. The vertical orientation facilitates interaction with the mold for insert molding, and the shuttle or table improves cycle time and productivity, explained PlastiCert.

“This addition was another planned part of our capital improvement plan,” said Craig W. Porter, President and owner of PlastiCert, a company founded in 1981. “The Multiplas replaced an existing press that was performing but due to be taken out of use. We have invested nearly $750,000, previously adding two other injection molding presses, a new machining center and sinker EDM in the mold shop and a custom coil winder.”

Coordinating additional injection molding presses and accessory equipment acquisitions along with a plant expansion will allow for a number of efficiency and economy projects to take place, noted Porter. “Since acquiring the company, my plan was to get operations squared away and improve our financials. Having accomplished those goals, it is time to take action that reinforces our reputation and position as a highly capable mold design, mold build and molder of engineered composite components for small- and medium-volume programs,” Porter added.

PlastiCert describes itself as a one-stop shop for small- and medium-volume, complex, engineered resin parts for the telecom, industrial computer, avionics and medical markets. In addition to insert molding, the company provides decorating and electro-mechanical assembly and other value-add capabilities.

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