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Plastics Professionals Express Thanks in Diverse Ways

From Arburg, Berry Global, and Dow to PTI, SPE, Waste Management, and others, plastics stakeholders share what they’re grateful for this Thanksgiving.

This Thursday in America is an official day of Thanksgiving that traces its beginning to the proclamation issued on October 2, 1863, by President Abraham Lincoln. It came just three months after the bloody, but pivotal battle at Gettysburg — when 50,000 American lives were lost — that turned the tide of the Civil War.

As they say, the rest is history, and since then the last Thursday in November is set aside in the US as a national day of Thanksgiving.

While stateside and worldwide we’re waging another year of war against COVID-19, an official day to pause and share our gratitude for blessings big and small is as timely now as 158 years ago.

It’s in this spirit that PlasticsToday solicited a wide cross section of industry stakeholders asking them, “What are you thankful for?” Their diverse responses are in the accompanying slideshow gallery.

First, I extend my appreciation to all those throughout the plastics industry who continue to work through the extraordinary constraints of a pandemic and have accelerated globally the drive to make plastics better for the benefit of all and our planet.

Second, I offer my appreciation to those companies and managers who share information and insights with PlasticsToday throughout the year that we can message to a broader community. We kick off our slideshow gallery with PlasticsToday’s editor Norbert Sparrow, who I’m grateful to call manager, colleague, and friend.

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