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July 1, 1999

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Product News - Aluminum Plate Addresses Mold Corrosion Problems

Aluminum Plate

Addresses Mold Corrosion Problems

pn18-799.jpgAlumec 99 is a new high-strength aluminum plate product from Uddeholm is said to have excellent corrosion resistance. It was developed to address specific corrosion problems: exfoliation corrosion and stress corrosion, which  are encountered by many plastics processors, especially blow molders.

Exfoliation corrosion in mold cooling channels causes reduced cooling efficiency, increased molding cycle times and higher maintenance costs. Alumec 99 is said to pretty much eliminate this type of corrosion.

Stress corrosion is a cause of cooling channel cracking in some high-strength aluminum alloys. Alumec 99 is said to have a higher crack initiation stress threshold than most other aluminum alloys.

In corrosion tests performed to meet ASTM G34, Alumec 99 (shown at left in photo) 'significantly outperformed aluminum alloy AA 7075-T651'.

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Rolling Meadows, IL

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