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December 1, 1998

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Product News - 'Drop-In' Plasticizing Kit Is For Any Type Of Injection MoldingMachine

'Drop-In' Plasticizing Kit Is For Any Type Of Injection Molding Machine

pn3-1298.jpgThe Wearstar high-wear-resistance package is designed to protect the injection units when processing abrasive, corrosive and high-temperature plastics, for example, 50% glass-filled nylon and liquid crystal polymer at temperatures up to 800 F.

The kits, which include a 'super-alloy' feedscrew, barrel, tip assembly and end cap, are said to have five times more wear resistance than traditional high-wear barrels and screws. They are available for any make, model or age injection molding machine, new or remanufactured, from any country.

The Wearstar kit is not recommended for ferrites, powdered metal, fluoropolymers or non-polymer processes.

A 3-yr, 0.005-in. wear guarantee covers all components. The feedscrew is warranted to a maximum of 50% of original purchase price, prorated over 36 months against replacement. The barrel carries a 100% warranty prorated over 36 months. The tip assembly carries a 100% warranty on the wear surfaces, exclusive of the tip's outer diameter. The end cap is warranted to a maximum of 100% of original purchase price for the same period.

Please contact the manufacturer directly for pricing information (see Key Contact/Company Directory).

Batavia, OH

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