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June 1, 1999

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Product News - Ejector Knock-Out Unit Speeds Mold Changes

Ejector Knock-Out Unit Speeds Mold Changes

pn20-699.jpgThe Smartflow FasTie Quick-Connect & Release Ejector Knock-Out System is a pneumatically operated unit designed to tie in the mold ejector plate to the press ejector system. System can be used on injection molding machines up to 500 tons.

In operation, FasTie co  uplers are screwed into the knock-out bars that reside with the press. The FasTie studs screw into the mold. When shop air (between 80 to 100 psi required) is applied to the couplers, they unlock and allow the mold to be pulled quickly and another to be set.

Fixed-length and adjustable-length knock-out bars, to be used with couplers and studs, are available in lengths from 6 to 14 in. Knock-out bars can be machined to fit, or blank bars are available in 14-in. lengths for on-site finishing.

A pneumatic connection is installed in the end of the knock-out bars. A four-port aluminum air manifold with tubing and pneumatic connections is also offered to simplify installation into presses with two or four knock-outs.

Coupler and stud material is high-strength and hardened steel. Units are priced between $350 and $1500, depending on the length and complexity of the system needed.

Burger Engineering, Inc.
Olathe, KS

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