Progressive Components introduces Insulator Block for high-temp tools

Insulator Block from Progressive ComponentsProgressive Components (Wauconda, IL) has released its new Insulator Block. It is installed on the outside of the mold and is used to protect the CounterView and CVe monitor from heat produced when molding high-temperature resins.

The maximum temperature for a CounterView is 120oC/250oF; for the CVe monitor it is 90oC/190oF. When using an Insulator Block, both units will perform at mold temperatures up to 180oC/360oF. The Insulator Block can be installed on either half of the tool, but for the CV3 Monitor, the stationary side is recommended for optimal cable routing.

The Insulator Block is available in both inch and metric versions, complete with ¼-20 or M6 screws.

“More and more molds are running higher temperature materials,” said Glenn Starkey, President at Progressive Components. “Meanwhile, it has become standard equipment for tools to have either a CV Cycle Counter or CVe electronic mold monitor. This exclusive Insulator Block removes a barrier to those mold buyers specifying monitoring products on their tools.”

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