Put your injection molding acumen to the test

So, you think you’re an injection molding superstar? Well, let's find out. Our friend Garrett MacKenzie, who has hosted a number of PlasticsToday webcasts and frequently contributes technical articles, has posted a quiz on his website where you can put your knowledge to the test.

Completing the 100 multiple-choice questions will give you bragging rights, or not. Here’s one of the questions to give you a taste:


A gate seal study is performed to:

  1. Assure that hold pressure is set properly;
  2. verify that mold temperature has been properly adjusted;
  3. verify that material is not flowing back through gate after hold pressure;
  4. assure that part weight remains consistent;
  5. both 3 and 4.

Tempted? Go to the Plastic 411 website; no sharpened #2 pencil required.

MacKenzie also offers onsite processor training; his classes include Processing 1, Scientific Molding and Fast Mold Change. He stresses that the training programs are not generic and are designed to address company-specific needs. He first identifies the strengths and weaknesses of employees and structures the training around them. The training is conducted on the shop floor using the plant’s equipment, materials and processes, he writes on his website. He is fully booked through June, but has openings in the third and fourth quarter of this year. For more information, contact him through his website.

Finally, his most recent webinar, “Scientific Molding Approach in Plastic Injection," is still available on demand. The webinar is free; simply register here to listen to the 60-minute presentation at your convenience. And stay tuned for a new webinar from MacKenzie in the second half of 2019.

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