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Replenish Bottling, creators of a bold new format for plastic spray bottles and containers, chose R&D/Leverage for its injection mold building expertise when it came time to scale up from initial pilot molds to production molds.

Clare Goldsberry

February 10, 2015

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R&D/Leverage injection moldmaking services used for innovative bottles

Replenish Bottling, creators of a bold new format for plastic spray bottles and containers, chose R&D/Leverage for its injection mold building expertise when it came time to scale up from initial pilot molds to production molds.

Jason Foster, founder and "Chief Reuser" of Replenish Bottling LLC, based in West Hollywood, CA, and his team met the R&D/Leverage group at a trade show in Florida, and the rest, as they say, is history. "At that point, we had made some tools, but nothing had been scaled up," Foster commented in a release from R&D/Leverage. "From the inception of our partnership with R&D/Leverage, it was clear that they recognized and were excited about the potential of our new category, and that their expertise is second-to-none. Together, we are changing what a bottle can be."

system.jpegThe challenge to the R&D team was formidable. Replenish required injection molds designed for high-speed automation to produce six different parts used in an integrated, lead-proof bottle-interior reservoir design that would appeal to makers of a wide range of packaged goods. The newly designed Replenish bottles required cutting-edge molds for innovative molding processing. The bottles feature an internal mixing cup that easily allows consumers to add the right amount of concentrate into the bottle, which is then quickly mixed with household tap water.

 "Just turn the bottle upside-down, squeeze concentrate from the refill pod into the built-in measuring cup, and add water," Foster explained. "The cost of creating and shipping water-based formulations is thus reduced. Plus, the Replenish System is hassle-free and fun to use."

R&D/Leverage's Project Manager Dave Taylor noted the immediate chemistry between the two groups. "We can handle everything from single cavity tools to 144-cavity production molds," he said, "and in this case, we wanted to pioneer a new packaging category with Replenish. We were totally up for the challenge and were ready to partner with them to help commercialize their breakthrough vision."

R&D/Leverage Account Manager Larry Schumacher, added: "We are a privately-owned company and have been since 1976. R&D/Leverage is here for the long haul, which in this day and age means a lot to companies like Replenish. Further, our reputation for handling the toughest assignments, on-time and on-budget, is without a peer in the industry. Our tool design group has more than three decades of experience. We know how to build and refurbish molds. Our engineering and processing capabilities are first rate."

Replenish, through its partnership with R&D/Leverage, continues its mission to eliminate waste and save money. The company's goals, which include marketing of its efficient, affordable and scalable refill system across brands and product categories, are being reached. "Most products we buy are 90 percent water, with only a small amount of active ingredients," said Replenish's Foster. "Our reusable bottling platform, created thanks to our true partnership with R&D/Leverage, helps us reach brand owners from household products to consumer beverages. It is a win for us, brand owners, retailers and consumers—and the planet."

Headquartered in Lee's Summit, MO, R&D/Leverage is a full-service offering both structural brand development and mold manufacturing capabilities for global OEMs in the home and personal care, healthcare, and food and beverage industries. Structural brand development capabilities are offered, as well as upfront research such as retail audits that include trend and color study, ethnographic research, consumer focus groups, concept development, validation, and implementation. Mold manufacturing capabilities include full mold manufacturing for PET tooling, injection blow mold (IBM) tooling, injection molds, as well as pilot tooling development, testing, validation, and training.

See R&D/Leverage at NPE, booth S-28000.

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