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November 1, 2003

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Runner system improves mold balance

MeltFlipper runner systems are said to create a balance of pressure, temperature, viscosity, and material properties throughout the mold. The technology reportedly reduces cycle times, speeds up mold balancing, and accelerates production startup. MeltFlipper technologies manage the flow-induced melt variations developed in all branching runners during mold filling. Various melt-management methods are applied depending on the type of runner and the particular needs of the mold. The designs strategically reposition the melt laminates in a runner so the melt distribution to each cavity is homogeneous, without mixing apparatuses.

The system can be used to control part warpage and distribution of gas in gas assist injection molding. Applications include single- and multicavity molds, hot and cold runner systems, stack molds, thermoplastics and thermosets, powdered metals? microcellular moldings, and structural foams.

Beaumont Technologies Inc., Erie, PA
(814) 899-6390; www.meltflipper.com

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