Screen changer reduces downtime, improves safety

Electro-Lift screen changing system

The Electro-Lift separator screen-changing system, recently introduced by Midwestern Industries Inc. (Massillon, OH), is designed to make screen changes easier, faster and safer in plastics processing and other industrial applications. The ergonomically designed lift system is electrically powered via a 120-volt sealed gear-driven system, and operation is as simple as plugging the unit into an outlet and pressing a switch.

Built and engineered in the United States, the Electro-Lift is adaptable to fit a variety of different frame deck configurations. While it is designed to lift the frames of Midwestern Industries’ round separators, most types of round separators can easily convert to this system.

The system’s ergonomic design makes screen changes virtually a one-man operation, according to the company. Typically, screen change outs require two people. Electro-Lift is mounted independently to the frame, eliminating the need for “lock out” when it’s being worked on.

This engineering versatility also allows operators to change screens and gain access to the interior of the unit for cleaning or inspection, which is exponentially faster than using comparable systems, according to Midwestern Industries. The system can also be used to inspect screens to ensure quality control. Ultimately, the system changes screens faster with no lifting of heavy frames, dramatically reducing downtime.

Safety is integral to the Electro-Lift's design. It leverages a sealed gear-driven system, which ensures the frames will not drift down when the screen is being changed, even if the power fails. The 120-volt equipment can be plugged into any convenient outlet, eliminating the need for customers to provide compressed air.

Whereas most competitive versions will use some form of clamping device if power is lost, Electro-Lift uses two mechanical screws powered by the actuator. Additionally, there are no cumbersome hoses to deal with, and the sealed system eliminates the need for greasing, which makes it environmentally cleaner.

Screen tests at on-site lab

Midwestern Industries also announced that it has expanded its full-scale screening test facility capabilities, which it is making available to customers free of charge.

The 10,000-square-foot testing lab allows customers to gain quantitative date from their screening processes by running "real-time, full scale material tests for new applications, as well as improving existing ones," said the company's press release.

Midwestern claims to be the only screening company to provide testing to this scale with production-size equipment at no charge other than the cost of sending in a 55-gallon drum of material to be test screened or separated.

For more information and to set up a materials screening test, go to

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