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Silicone molder and extruder expands into thermoplastic

Silicone molding is a growth area these days, in terms of both applications and thermoplastics molders moving into it. However, Sil-Pro LLC (Delano, MN) is going the other way—a silicone molder expanding into thermoplastics molding.

PlasticsToday Staff

September 30, 2010

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Silicone molder and extruder expands into thermoplastic

Sil-Pro began molding liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in 1998 and since has grown into mold design and building, assembly, and even into extruding a variety of silicone tubing and profiles. The company says its new capability, molding thermoplastics implantable and disposable medical device components, complements the silicone molding, including overmolding it onto thermoplastic components.

The company says its new electric/hydraulic hybrid molding machines, by combining the accuracy and efficiency of servo drives with advanced hydraulic clamping designs, can meet the increased demand for micromolded medical applications. The machines offer injection speeds to 1500 mm/sec (59 inches/sec), two-millisecond acceleration and deceleration, and extreme injection pressures.

The way the machines minimize part variation on difficult geometries, says Sil-Pro, is not possible with other injection molding technologies. The press capabilities are verified using Decoupled Molding technology from RJG, Inc, which also ensures that a part has been molded with validated parameter settings.

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