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August 23, 2008

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Software protects mold and ejector functions

NP_Milacron_moldprotect_ac.jpgA new mold and ejector protection software program is able to account for normal force variations, greatly reducing false triggers and machine downtime. Mold Guard and Ejector Guard for Milacron?s all-electric Powerline Series injection molding machines is incorporated into Milacron?s Xtreem PC-based control and compares measured clamp and ejector forces against established force reference curves that are padded with an alarm band.

The system works by stopping the components? forward movement if the measured force exceeds the alarm-band limits. This helps to reduce mold damage, premature wear, and overall tool maintenance, while extending a tool?s life and maximizing profit.

The software can be tailored to monitor a portion of the clamp?s stroke or the entire movement. On the ejector side, the entire stroke is always monitored. If desired, both programs can be turned off, and they also automatically compensate for any additional force needed due to friction or temperature increases over time. To assist with mold troubleshooting, actual force and maximum force deviation are displayed onscreen.The Mold Guard program tracks the force needed to close the clamp, using the previous cycle as a reference curve. If the alarm band is exceeded, the clamp retracts. Although machines must run one cycle before Mold Guard can set its curve, tools are still protected by Powerline?s standard Mold Protect feature, which monitors pressure and time.

Ejector Guard operates in a similar fashion, and if any setpoint other than the alarm band is changed, the program shuts off for one cycle to determine the new reference curve.

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