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pay it forward

SPE Vinyl Division pays it forward to support students and educational outreach

Some of the profits from this year’s successful VinylTec conference will go toward supporting the ANTEC Student Poster session, the Plastivan program and student scholarships.

The Society of Plastics Engineers' Vinyl Division Board of Directors, under the direction of Chair Emily McBride, has voted to “pay forward” some of the profits from this year’s successful VinylTec conference. The Vinyl Division will make donations of $5,000 to be a sponsor of the ANTEC Student Poster session; $3,000 to the SPE Foundation to support the Plastivan; and another $2,000 toward the SPE Student Scholarship fund.

The ANTEC Student Poster and Travel Fund encourages students to travel to ANTEC and to present plastics-related developments in front of the large gathering of plastics professionals. It will be recognized as a sponsor of the Student Poster session. The Vinyl Division’s presence as a sponsor reminds students and their mentors of the importance of vinyl as a “still growing workhorse resource in the plastics industry.”

The SPE Foundation Plastivan program reaches out to students in high schools and middle schools to support the significance of plastics in their lives and to reinforce the importance of STEM education, in general. Last year, the Vinyl Division supported two Plastivan visits in the Akron area. This year’s donation will support another two visits.

The Vinyl Division’s donation to the SPE Scholarship fund will support scholarships in plastics, in general. The Vinyl Division also provides scholarships to family members of current Vinyl Division members. Additional resources are also available to support students directly studying vinyl or who are using vinyl in academic research.

Image: Dizain/Adobe Stock

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