StackTeck introduces FastTrack mold-delivery program

StackTeck Systems Ltd. (Brampton, ON, Canada) has adopted a technique that accelerates mold deliveries by using automated design capabilities that work with a pre-set, optimized set of mold design rules to compress up-front processes. With FastTrack projects, the quoting, engineering, process planning and manufacturing stages are compressed using automated design and product standardization to reduce typical three- to four-week lead times to a few days.

StackTeck's new FastTrack program
Design automation in the FastTrack system leads to the use of best practices in mold design.

The first phase that StackTeck is now offering will cover single-face molds for round lids and round air eject containers with two, four, six or eight cavities. Future development of this technology will cover a broader range of part types as well as higher cavitations and stack molds, said the company.

As StackTeck is introducing the FastTrack approach, it is also putting a new mold proposal app in the hands of its sales team so that the standardized products can be priced and mold concept diagrams can be provided on the spot; formal proposals are sent within one business day. Delivery timelines for lid molds are nine weeks, and containers are 11 weeks, depending on their size.

Design automation leads to the use of best practices in mold design, which enables the use of many standardized components that are normally considered custom in a custom designed mold, StackTeck explained. “Benchmark mold design features are incorporated automatically into the mold, ensuring optimized cooling for maximum productivity and mold longevity.

“We’re very excited to have this new capability, as well as the tools to support customers with dramatically faster proposals,” said StackTeck’s Vice President of Sales, Simon Martin. “We know in many cases the faster lead time will make a tremendous difference helping our customers to gain new business.”

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