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Clare Goldsberry

May 3, 2016

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Sumitomo (SHI) Demag introduces energy-saving SEEV-A injection molding machines

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag (Strongsville, OH) has introduced advanced all-electric SEEV-A series injection molding presses in five model sizes from 50 to 200 U.S. tons. The SEEV-A series advances the company’s flagship SE-EV with new technologies, updated NC-10 control and enhanced Z-molding capabilities.

One of Sumitomo Demag’s newest advances is the algorithm-based S-Move technology, which replaces multi-step mold open/close speed settings with an optimized speed pattern that is both smooth (less vibration) and 18% faster. Combined with the SEEV-A’s fast clamp open/close speeds, this can significantly shorten cycle times, said Sumitomo’s information.

Additionally, SEEV-A users can realize significant energy savings thanks to energy-efficient, low-inertia motors and low-friction design improvements. The SEEV-A also offers savings such as reduced water and grease usage; faster start up; reduced scrap and downtime; quick color, resin and mold changeovers; minimized preventive maintenance; and the ability for unmanned and lights-out operations.

Sumitomo Demag also announced the SEEV-AHD series advanced, high-duty, all-electric machines featuring eight models ranging in size from 247 to 562 U.S. tons. The SEEV-AHD combines significantly increased specifications with advanced technologies, resulting in a substantially different mid-sized machine series with a number of features. It brings the precision, productivity and profitability benefits of all-electric injection molding machine technology to applications with larger, heavier and more complex molds, according to the company.

The SEEV-AHD efficiently handles higher injection requirements that typically would have been run on a hybrid or hydraulic machine, allowing bigger parts to run on smaller machines. The SEEV-AHD is engineered to provide a rapid return on investment through energy savings and other features.

For example, the thin-walled polypropylene medical dosing cup pictured here has a weight of 1.8 grams and runs in an eight-cavity hot runner valve-gate mold in a 202-ton SEEV-A press. The mold was built by Caco Pacific using proprietary conformal cooling in the cores and cavities. The mold includes a hot runner system from Gammaflux, with the option to mechanically shut off an individual valve stem. Multi-toggle clamp force control, a standard feature on the SEEV-A series, is used to improve venting of gases and reduce cycle time.

A clean molding environment, suited for medical applications, is ensured by grease-free tie bars, self-contained lubrication on the linear rails and automatic grease supply though a valve-type distribution system.

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