Sussex IM initiates three-pronged ‘Our SIM’ program to maintain growth

November 01, 2018

SUSSEX IMSussex IM (Sussex, WI), which has reported double-digit growth over the last five years, has initiated a comprehensive, customer-centric program, internally known as Our SIM.

According to CEO Keith Everson, Our SIM is a top-to-bottom program launched by this innovative, full-service, fully-automated supplier of plastic products for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers. “Our proactive, three-pronged approach is designed to meet future challenges and opportunities through simultaneous investment in brick-and-mortar expansion, intelligent corporate alliances and new internal processes,” Everson said.

“Our people are at the heart of our success,” he added. “Accordingly, Our SIM leverages decades of institutional knowledge and know-how through an enhanced organizational structure, inter-team communication and shared accountability.”

The result is nothing less than Sussex IM 2.0, a holistic integration of processes that ensures retention of corporate culture as it helps customers navigate today’s supply-chain challenges. According to Everson, the primary customer benefits are quality, U.S.-made products that compete price-wise with offshore manufacturers and that streamline supply chains. Simultaneously, he said, “our approach allows us to best utilize and cultivate our homegrown manufacturing minds and attract the brightest and best outside talent.”  

In terms of infrastructure, the company’s new 84,000-square-foot advanced manufacturing facility and dedication to scientific injection molding benefits customers, industry partners and the local Sussex community. It serves as a close-by adjunct to the company’s Sussex headquarters, fully integrating custom injection molding, blowmolding, assembly, decoration and fulfillment operations.  The end results are enhanced quality, time to market and cost reduction.

Sussex IM recently created a strategic alliance with Toly Products, which benefits brands in the beauty industry. Both companies are privately owned businesses with a strong family spirit, similar core values and strong aspirations.

Sussex IM is a regional leader in custom injection molding with a heritage in packaging for the beauty industry.

Toly Products is a world-leading, market-driven manufacturer for the beauty industry, with corporate offices in Malta and plants and sales offices around the world. “Toly’s strong sales, marketing and product development capabilities will benefit Sussex IM in the beauty market, while our state-of the art manufacturing facilities in the USA will enable better service and time to market for beauty brands in the Americas,” Everson said.

The third leg of Our SIM is its re-imagined internal structure, which was driven by the company’s rapid growth. The careful redesign transparently harnesses the company’s strengths to benefit customers.

The complexity of today’s supply-chain management means that some customers are reluctant to hold inventory. “Forecasting—in the face of fast-changing tariff scenarios, for example—has become a daunting task for them,” said Kyle Kopp, Vice President - Manufacturing. "Our job is to anticipate and deliver nimble and intelligent solutions.”

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