Tabletop injection molding machine still a big hit

tabletop injection molding machine

About seven years ago, PlasticsToday published an article about a tabletop injection molding machine, the 20A PIM-Shooter, developed by LNS Technologies (Scotts Valley, CA). That article continues to capture eyeballs, getting as many—and sometimes more—page views than current content. Given the enduring interest in this piece of equipment, we thought it might be time for an update on the company and its tabletop phenom.

“We’re selling them as fast as we can make them,” said LNS Technologies’ owner John Warobi, noting that his customers include businesses looking for a small injection molding system for their labs and high schools outfitting their STEM programs.

“[Educators] decided they need to teach students more modern technologies than wood shop, so now they’re teaching them injection molding and CNC machining,” he added. “A lot of schools and universities are buying the tabletop machines.”

Warobi said that he no longer makes the 20A PIM-Shooter model featured in the article. After he came out with the larger 150A model, he received so many orders that he discontinued the 20A. “The 20A helped get us launched, but people really wanted the bigger machine,” he said. “Our machines offer affordable solutions for small-scale startups and educational programs.”

What his customers love about the tabletop machine is the price: $1,800 for the 150A. It’s very affordable, and students are able to “learn the principles of injection molding, just on a smaller scale,” said Warobi.

LNS Technologies also still offers aluminum molds that start at $65, and small quantities of plastic pellets for $10 to help customers get started. “We want to offer them a variety of pellets, because it’s hard to get a resin seller to sell such small quantities,” Warobi said. “When [customers] get beyond the prototype stage and need larger quantities, they can find another resin source.”

Warobi works primarily alone, although he does hire college students as interns on a part-time basis to help build the machines. “It gives them some hands-on experience and helps me get the machine orders filled,” he said.

More information can be found at the LNS Technologies website.

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