Third-generation Jupiter III injection molding machine available in North America

Absolute Haitian JU III

Jupiter III (JU III) two-platen, servo-hydraulic injection molding machines from Absolute Haitian (Worcester, MA) have been available in the U.S. and Canadian markets since earlier this year. A new communication from Absolute Haitian details how upgrades to the third-generation JU III add functionality and improve specifications while retaining energy efficiency and a compact footprint.

The JU III is available in clamping forces ranging from 506 to 7,418 U.S. tons, and is suited for molding large parts such as trash bins, crates, automotive components and appliance parts where high surface quality is critical.

The upgrades make the two-platen design more useful for a wider range of applications, said Absolute Haitian, adding that the benefits include faster cycle times, higher precision, lower costs and easier maintenance.

The clamp design update has resulted in a 10% improvement in dry cycle times and braking speeds. Tie-bar spacing has been increased. Eliminating the tie-bar adjustment oil cylinder and having the high-pressure clamping cylinder perform mold opening breakaway functions contribute to a simpler, more reliable design, according to Absolute Haitian.

Improvements in the injection unit have produced a 10 to 20% increase in pump power, benefiting pressure and speed, and a new high-drive servo system accelerates injection response time. The unit swivels for easy maintenance, and additional injection unit sizes are available on some of the models.

Cycle times and project management features also have been enhanced through an upgrade of the Keba controller. Signal accuracy is increased from 0.1 to 0.01 mm, said Absolute Haitian. The controller has been equipped with GoFactory, a wireless communication interface network for software downloads and cloud-based manufacturing services. The Motion Plus communication center converts and filters injection molding machine parameters for manufacturing execution system environments.

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