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August 23, 2008

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Tiebarless machines get secondary injection unit

NP_Engel_miniplast1.gifCiting the wide use of multicomponent molding in everyday articles as well as in high-tech applications, Engel has introduced a series of add-on mini injection units for its Victory Series tiebarless injection molding machines.

Launched at Fakuma 2003, the series offers screw diameters from 10 to 18 mm for shot sizes from 4 to 15 cu cm.

The add-on unit can be integrated in the main machine or stand as a separate ancillary drive module that can be moved among a number of machines. It can be mounted in an ?L? configuration at right angles to the main injection unit, or it can be in a vertical configuration above the clamp. Where the shot volume of the second injection unit is very small compared with the principal unit, the add-on unit can be mounted directly on the mold. If the mold is large enough, several units can be mounted on it.

An add-on unit can operate independently using a power pack that communicates with the machine control system via standard interfaces. Alternatively, the retrofit unit can be driven by the hydraulic system of the main machine. Engel also is offering buyers of new Victory machines a retrofit system that has the necessary connections for later addition of an add-on injection unit.

Engel, York, PA; (717) 764-6818; www.engel.at

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