Tooling life-cycle management platform under development

asset management conceptA new audit platform enables global tooling assets to transmit real-time feedback on current tooling condition and sustainability. “There is currently no off-the-shelf product available for proactive tooling life-cycle management,” Paul Mulville, the consulting founder of Tooling Transfers who developed this platform, told PlasticsToday.

The combination of hardware and software was conceived about two years ago, after several companies contacted Mulville looking for a means to know the condition of their tooling wherever in the world it was running. “They wanted to know the condition of their tooling in real time,” he said.

While Mulville admits he’s not a software guy—in fact, he’s really a hardware guy—he mapped out what he wanted and connected with a company in Australia that uses a similar cloud-based technology for geolocation and tracking of remote mining personnel and equipment.

Mulville had a proof of concept model made. He then worked with a software company in New York to take all the inputs and create the software architecture that would deliver the desired outputs for a company’s tooling assets.

“I had something that worked and I was not violating any current intellectual property—it’s a completely new platform,” Mulville explained. The patent-pending, first-of-its-kind audit platform works like an instant global tooling snapshot, he added, with the capacity to deliver the tooling’s location, its current condition and the sustainability or life of the tool.

“We’ve designed a strategic and proactive system that is completely unique in the industry,” he said. “It’s a cloud-based system, with hardware built into every tool.  An OEM customer subscribes to it as a software service, and it makes on-demand or real-time data available to all corporate stakeholders, on a permissioned access basis. The on-boarding process for new customers is critical—we’re working to refine it to be extremely user-friendly and to fit every application”.

Mulville has experience helping companies perform audits and tooling moves. “I’ve felt everybody’s pain—spoken to and empathized with that pain—and now I’ve facilitated a solution,” he said. “I allow them to see things they couldn’t see before. This goes way beyond monitoring and tracking—it’s next generation stuff. The most important thing is not only what tooling you have and where it is, but what condition it’s in today and how much life is left in the tool,” Mulville added.

The new system will be market-ready in early 2020, according to Mulville.

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