Toshiba Machine debuts next-gen ECSXIII series of all-electric injection molding systems at NPE2018

Toshiba Machine Co., America (Elk Grove Village, IL) will debut its next-generation ECSXIII series of all-electric injection molding systems at NPE2018. Live demonstrations of four different tonnage models will take place each day of the show at  booth W1363. 

The latest addition to Toshiba’s popular all-electric ECSX series offers molders greater versatility and performance in a streamlined frame design. It features a re-engineered clamping system, faster injection speeds, quick-change removable platens and more.

Toshiba Machine ECSXIII

Also being shown for the first time in North America is the V70 controller built into all ECSXIII models. The latest in Toshiba’s user-friendly Injectvisor series, the V70 offers more memory, graphics and customizable inputs than previous models, along with sequences that are easier to configure. 

Live demos at NPE2018 featuring these new technologies include:

  • Total Automation Cell—the 110-ton EC110SXIII will be combined with an E-Multi secondary injection unit, six-axis robot and rotating platen. The system, designed and integrated by Toshiba Machine, molds, inserts PC backing sheets, assembles and removes two-material housings for the iPhone 7 Plus. 
  • Miniature EC200SXIII models—a 200-ton EC200SXIII, E-Multi secondary injection unit, two Toshiba six-axis robots and a Mold-Masters hot runner will be used to mold, remove and assemble multiple components in two different colors.
  • Smart Factory Cell—a 250-ton EC250SXIII and six-axis robot from Toshiba will be combined with an automatic mold changing cart and magnetic platens from Pascal to alternately mold headlight reflectors and cord holders. A laser will then inscribe a QR code with molding parameters onto each part. 
  • V70 Communications demo—the V70 Injectvisor on a 390-ton EC390SXIII will be tied into the controller for a Sepro robot, enabling NPE visitors to view production results as the two units mold and remove 32-oz plastic cups. Also viewable from the V70 will be the multi-zone Mold-Masters hot runner integrated into the system.
  • TiAS servo hydraulic demo—Toshiba also will be demonstrating the performance and repeatability of its TiAS servo hydraulics. At NPE, the 250-ton TiA250S will be combined with a Yushin robot to mold and remove two-cavity pillboxes. 

All five injection molding machines will be connected to Toshiba’s iPAQET data acquisition system displayed at a communication hub at the center of the booth. The hub will also display Toshiba’s Euromap 77 dashboard and V70 simulator.

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