Townsend Solutions named first SPE Preferred Partner

Elite concept imagePlastics industry analyst and education provider Townsend Solutions (Houston) has been selected as the first Preferred Partner by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE; Bethel, CT). The SPE Preferred Partner program, launched this year, recognizes converters, manufacturers, solutions providers and product distributors that have demonstrated leadership and innovation in the plastics industry. A fee is attached to receiving the recognition.

“To be chosen as an SPE Preferred Partner, a company’s products and services must be valuable to our members,” said Stephanie Clark, SPE Senior Director, Sales and Advertising, in a prepared statement. “Townsend Solutions provides knowledge-driven, insightful analysis and strategic advice in a collaborative setting. This gives our members the tools and support they need to get answers to business-critical issues. It also ensures that they get value-driven outcomes.”

Townsend said that it is dedicated to providing easy access to market-leading analysis and insights on the continually evolving plastics industry. From oil-price scenarios and end-use application-level data to detailed information on more than 60,000 plastic conversion plants, the company leverages its depth and expertise to provide knowledge, context and clarity to the industry. Townsend products and services include industry training and education, market research and consulting, customer and people surveys, price benchmarking and deep-dive reports.

Organizations interested in becoming an SPE Preferred Partner can find guidelines at

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