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Korean hydraulic machine builder will market Japanese firm’s all-electric machines to Korean end users globally.

Stephen Moore

March 10, 2017

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Toyo, Hyundai join forces to market electric injection molding machines

Japanese all-electric injection machine maker Toyo Machinery & Metal has tied up with South Korea’s Hyundai Injection Machinery, which specializes in hydraulic machinery particularly for the automotive sector, to better access the Korean molder base both in South Korea and globally.

Toyo’s Tabata: Enhanced access to the auto market through tie-up with Korean machine builder Hyundai Injection Machinery

Speaking to PlasticsToday at the recent Koplas Show in Goyang outside of Seoul, Board Director, Global Sales and Marketing, Yoshiaki Tabata said that molders serving the automotive sector in South Korea are ready for all-electric machines on account of their precision and cleanliness. “We brought our most salable machines to Koplas, 180-tonne and 280-tonne all-electrics, but we can offer the market clamping forces up to 1300 tonnes,” he added, highlighting that all-electrics can now be used to mold the majority of automotive components.

The South Korean market for injection molding machines is shifting away from electronics as leading players such as Samsung and LG Electronics transfer production to Vietnam and elsewhere, but Toyo says its electric machines still have a role to play in the local Korean market. “Our equipment is a natural fit for food containers, cosmetics packaging, and consumer goods markets that are growing here,” notes Tabata. “We can also gain access to the wider overseas electronics market and companies such as Samsung through our tie-up with Hyundai.”

Toyo is also responding to Industry 4.0 needs in Europe through development of a remote monitoring system. “This is a must for the European market and increasingly used as means of preventative maintenance,” says Tabata.

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