Upgraded Design for Manufacture and Assembly software boosts productivity

If your new year’s resolutions included improving quality, performance and manufacturing efficiencies at work, you're in luck. Boothroyd Dewhurst Inc. (Wakefield, RI), developer of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) software, has released DFMA 2019. Using DFMA, engineering and manufacturing teams are better able to assess part-assembly strategies, learn new design skills, benchmark existing and competitor products, add focus and structure to design reviews, integrate design and manufacturing, and support system-wide decision making, said Boothroyd Dewhurst.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly software

“DFMA methods and data analyses are guiding engineers to reach the limits of what is possible in single-part functionality and economics,” said John Gilligan, President of Boothroyd Dewhurst. “Our new software makes this journey to an optimal manufacturing outcome easier and more productive than ever.”

DFMA software utilizes an intuitive question-and-answer interface that identifies opportunities for substantial cost reduction in a product. By applying industry-tested minimum part count criteria, the software finds parts that can be consolidated/eliminated while maintaining 100% functionality. The outcome of a DFMA-based design is a more elegant product that is both functionally efficient and easy to assemble, explained Boothroyd Dewhurst.

Highlights of the latest version include new CAD calculators that allow users to utilize more cost driver information directly from a 3D model. Over 200 data inputs across 27 process groups and more than 100 machining operations include this new feature. “Should-costing” of parts is faster and easier for designers, cost engineers and purchasing personnel.

DFMA 2019 also contains new graphical windows, charts and reports that make comparisons between legacy designs and new concepts easy to analyze. Parts and assemblies can be compared for time and labor, along with costs for manufacturing piece parts, manufacturing tools, assembly tools, assembly processes and all material aspects of product development.

Bill Devenish, Global DFMA Leader and Principle Engineer at Kohler Co., commented on his experience with the new DFMA 2019 software. “We have recently deployed DFMA 2019 across a number of product sectors. The software’s new reporting features have improved our capacity to quickly present outcomes to key stakeholders. Embedding the calculations for time and cost differences between design options also saves us time and reduces opportunities for clerical errors," said Devenish.

“Additionally, we are impressed with the ability to obtain dimensional data from the CAD models in DFMA, which has resulted in faster ‘should-cost’ analysis. This is a very user-friendly feature that takes the guesswork out of dimensionally defining key part parameters. This latest version of the Boothroyd Dewhurst DFMA software continues the company’s leadership in product simplification and cost estimating,” said Devenish.

Founded in 1983, Boothroyd Dewhurst Inc. was the first company to commercialize DFMA methodologies and software tools, which make it possible to evaluate, estimate and reduce the manufacturing cost of a product in the design phase through product simplification and cost estimation. The company serves a host of Fortune 1000 companies, including Dell, John Deere, Harley-Davidson and Kohler.

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