Westfall Technik enhances micro-molding capabilities

Westfall Technik’s Mold Craft Tech Center (Willernie, MN) has added an MHS M3 micro-molding machine to its wide range of micro-molding capabilities. The M3 is a dedicated micro-injection-molding machine capable of producing small, direct-gated plastic parts on a large scale. The electro-pneumatic molding cell accommodates both high- and low-volume production runs that require extreme precision, quality, speed and flexibility.

M3 series micro injection molders
M3 series micro-molders.

The M3 offers all the advantages of direct-valve-gate, hot-runner technology. Eliminating cold runners improves part quality, speeds up cycle times and reduces waste in the form of scrap runner material, said Westfall Technik’s announcement. This results in substantial savings, especially when molding highly valuable plastics such as PEEK or bioabsorbables. The M3’s patented Isokor injection technology reduces melt residence time and protects resin morphology.

Mold Craft, a designer and builder of molds for difficult to mold micro parts, was acquired by Nevada-based Westfall Technik, a global holding company headed by CEO Brian Jones, in January of this year. In March, Westfall Technik acquired micro-molding firm MicroTech Southwest (Tempe, AZ).  Westfall Technik has acquired a total of 15 companies in about 18 months of operation.


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