Wilmington Machinery Debuts Dual-Mold Pallet-Molding System

Wilmington Machinery has added a new model to its popular Lumina Pallateer series of plastic pallet molding systems. The Model PM-3S is capable of molding two of the same or different pallets in sizes up to 52 x 48 inches and weighing 16 to 50 pounds each. Hourly production rates of 48 to 72 pallets per hour are achievable with minimal labor, floor space, or utility requirements, said Wilmington.

Wilmington Machinery's Lumina Pallateer Model PM 3S
The Lumina PM-3S low-pressure injection molding machine can process 100% recycled plastics in pellet or flake form. Image courtesy WIlmington Machinery.

The first Lumina Pallateer molding system was introduced in 2010. Like other Lumina Pallateer models, the PM-3S is a low-pressure injection molding machine with a two-stage injection unit. It can process 100% recycled plastics in either pelletized or flake form. It achieves mold fill rates of up to 20 pounds per second, with velocity and shot size controlled by Wilmington’s Versafil sequential injection control system.

The PM-3S system includes the molding machine, molds, robot, and all accessories plus training. It is versatile with the capability to mold nestable, stackable, or rackable pallets in one- and two-piece constructions from a variety of virgin or recycled raw materials, including blends.

Wilmington Machinery has built pallet molding machinery, general-purpose low- and medium-pressure injection molding machinery and high-capacity extrusion blow molding machines since the company was founded in 1972. International shipments can be arranged via the nearby deep-water port of Wilmington.

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