Wilmington Palleteer

Wilmington Machinery installs second complete pallet molding system for European customer

The company had no experience making plastic pallets when it ordered a Pallateer system from Wilmington Machinery (Wilmington, NC). The venture was so successful, it has now installed a second machine.

Wilmington Machinery (Wilmington, NC) introduced its first Pallateer molding machine in 2010 to satisfy increased demand for plastic pallets. Recently, a European company that had no experience making plastic pallets was looking to mold them in house. That led it to install its first Wilmington Pallateer.

The metric size pallet designed by Wilmington’s engineers has static capacity of 17,500 lb, dynamic capacity of 8,800 lb and racking capacity of 4,000 lb. The pallet is molded of propylene or polyethylene or a blend of the two, plus color and other additives.

Because of the success of the initial Pallateer, the customer ordered a second machine. Once again, the machine underwent testing at the plant in Wilmington and was disassembled for shipping and reinstalled at the customer’s facility, according to the company.

The Pallateer molding machine for this customer included variable frequency hydraulics and other state-of-the-art machine features. It uses the structural foam injection method to achieve a high strength-to-weight ratio, and it performs well with 100% recycled material. Systems come complete with the molding machine, mold(s), robot, mold chiller, nitrogen generator, resin blending/loading equipment, plus training.

Since its founding in 1972, Wilmington Machinery has been building high-performance, low-pressure structural foam molding machines. Additionally, the company has built custom extrusion, thermoforming and industrial blowmolding machinery, along with a primary line of high-capacity rotary blowmolding systems for polyolefin monolayer/multilayer barrier packaging. The company operates from a modern 65,000-square-foot facility and can easily meet any customer’s need for extra-large plastics machinery. International shipments can also be arranged through the nearby deep-water Port of Wilmington.

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