Wilmington Machinery showcases alternative to high-pressure injection molding at NPE2018

Wilmington Machinery (Wilmington, NC) will feature the Lumina MP800—an alternative to high-pressure injection molding—along with high-speed monolayer and multilayer rotary extrusion blowmolding machines at NPE2018 in booth W1823.

Wilmington Machinery MP800

The Lumina MP800 has a large platen space to tonnage ratio, accepts hot or cold runner molds and processes commodity and engineering grades of thermoplastic materials, including 100% recycled materials. The two-stage unit has a 152-mm extruder with throughputs of up to 2,000 pounds per hour, an accumulator shot capacity of 44 lb and injection-pressure capability of 10,000 PSI.

The hybrid design of the Lumina MP800 features both a hydraulic press and an electric extruder drive for energy savings, with fast cycle times exceeding all prior designs, according to the company. The machine is capable of unlimited applications including automotive, electronics, recreational, enclosures and more.

Also featured at NPE, is Wilmington Machinery’s blowmolding machinery that produces containers in various sizes for a broad range of applications and production requirements. The all-electric blowmolding systems are engineered to exceed capacities, cost and bottle quality previously considered unreachable, the company claimed.

Applications for Wilmington Machinery blowmolding equipment include small single-serve bottles with production rates up to 1200 bottles per minute; larger bottles at production rates up to 200 per minute; and heavy-wall 20-liter industrial and automotive containers at rates up to 360 per hour.

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