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  • A MacroPower 850/8800 machine producing a spoiler with a single-cavity mold from HRS Flow that includes five servo-valve gates and several cavity pressure sensors to demonstrate true intelligent closed-loop molding. With Wittmann 4.0 integrated with a hot runner, as well as HiQ-Melt, HiQ-Flow and HiQ-Cushion technologies, this cell offers the most complex example of how Wittmann 4.0 can be utilized. The cell will complement these complex operations with a GMax granulator, Tempro Direct Plus TCU, Gravimax G34 blender, W843 Pro robot, hot runner controller from Gammaflux and Flowcon Plus water flow controller. This cell will also show the new Condition Monitoring System (CMS) used for preventive and predictive maintenance.
  • The EcoPower Xpress 400/3300+ machine is Wittmann Battenfeld’s newest high-speed injection molding machine, which is being shown for the first time in North America. It will be molding closures using a 96-cavity bottle cap mold from Bauer Plastisud using HDPE from Borealis, a hot runner controller from Gammaflux and a Feedmax central vacuum receiver. The new EcoPower Xpress is a high-speed, all-electric machine primarily geared to the requirements of packaging and thin-wall applications.
Wittmann Battenfeld EcoPower Xpress
Wittmann Battenfeld will introduce the EcoPower Xpress 400/3300+ to the North American market at NPE2018.
  • A SmartPower 110/350 machine molding wood-plastic composite building blocks with an eight-cavity mold using wood-plastic compound from Fasal. The cell will include a W822 robot, eight-cavity gripper EOAT, U-shaped conveyor pallet loading system, Tempro Plus D TCU, Gravimax G14 blender, Junior 2 compact screenless granulator, Aton H dryer with integrated vacuum station conveying system, and Flowcon Plus water flow controller.
  • A two-shot MicroPower 15/10-10 machine with two parallel injection units and a rotary disk molding a plug inside the recording head of a vinyl record player with a single-cavity mold from Ortafon. The parts are made of PC and electro-conductive PC. Parts removal and depositing will be handled by a Wittmann W8VS4 Scara robot specially designed for this machine. In addition a built-in camera system inside the machine will provide fully automatic quality inspection of the parts.

Robots and automation

Wittmann Battenfeld has introduced numerous innovations in its robot technology since the last NPE. Robots will be included in every work cell and will be a major feature of the booth. The centerpiece will be the new X Series robots, which were unveiled for the first time at Fakuma 2017. The robots are functionally and technologically unmatched in the industry, with standard features that can outclass even the custom packages of older models, according to the company.

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