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In addition to the X Series, the new cost-efficient Primus 14 will be shown, as well.

All of these models will be running with the new R9 control, which has been refined with various new visualization options and functionalities.

Material handling systems and auxiliaries

A complete range of Wittmann Battenfeld material handling systems and auxiliary equipment will be operating in the booth. Featured products include:

  • Tempro Plus D temperature controllers with the new SpeedDrive option, a variable frequency controlled pump that can increase process reliability, decrease energy usage and enhance efficiency;
  • central material handling systems showcasing both Wittmann M7.3 Central Control Platforms and new Teachbox Net 5 Control Platforms;
  • a central drying system showcasing Drymax 1200 FC Plus redundant dryer technology, Silmax Smartflow technology with material saver function, a new Modular Silmax 5000L drying hopper and new Modular Silmax 2000L-Auger model for use with hard flowing materials or PET crystallization processes;
  • a new Aton H beside-the-press dryer, fully integrated with 4.0 capabilities;
  • self-contained S3 net loaders, Feedmax central loaders and MC Balance throat-mounted feeders;
  • a new S-MAX screenless granulator line, G-MAX conventional granulators and below the mold Auger feed granulators; and
  • Gravimax blenders showcasing real-time, live scale blending technology.

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