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Wittmann Battenfeld Presents Injection Molding, Robotics Innovations

Image: Wittmann Battenfeld Wittmann Battenfeld Primus 48-T robot
The company shares information on new products and upgrades across its portfolio of injection molding machines, automation systems, and auxiliary equipment.

NPE 2021 may have been cancelled, but that hasn’t stopped Wittmann Battenfeld from refreshing its product line. It recently shared information on new products and upgrades it has made across its portfolio of injection molding machines, automation systems, and auxiliary equipment. Here are some of the product announcements that stood out.

Wittmann BattenfeldIngrinder

Wittmann Battenfeld's Ingrinder system.

Available as a package with the EcoPower and SmartPower injection molding machines, the Ingrinder system integrates an advanced granulator and sprue picker with the press itself. The Ingrinder works best as a solution for smaller injection molding machines that run with molds incorporating cold runner technology with a corresponding need for scrapping or recycling sprues, according to Wittmann Battenfeld. Ingrinder integration provides cost savings through a more efficient grind and smaller footprint.

Wittmann BattenfeldR9 robot control system

R9 robot control system.

Wittmann Battenfeld has made advances in its robot and automation line since the last NPE, notably adding new features to its R9 robot control system. Most of these new features involve making the control easier to use with the addition of a quick “wizard” programming function and ergonomic vertical touch screen pendants. Other new features have made the R9 smarter and more error-proof through the addition of Replay troubleshooting and the incorporation of anti-collision features. A digital twin simulator helps users better simulate complex processes ahead of time to more accurately predict outcomes.

Wittmann BattenfeldSonic automation

Sonic robot.

Wittmann Battenfeld’s ultra-high-speed Sonic robot series is already a customer favorite because of its performance, according to the company. It achieves maximum acceleration of 65 m/s2, allowing for mold-open times of less than 1 second and sub-10-second cycle times at payloads up to 15 lb. The ultra-high speeds require a robust design, said Wittmann Battenfeld, and it has created a streamlined, efficient, and durable new look for the Sonic Ultra series.

The company’s Primus robots are designed for pick-and-place applications, and Wittmann Battenfeld recently expanded the series with the largest Primus model yet — the Primus 48T. The 48T carries a 20-kg payload and has clamping forces between 20 and 900 T while maintaining the smooth and quiet operation for which the Primus series is known.

Two of the newest product lines from Wittmann Battenfeld are Mold Area Protection (MAP) and the Internal Air Cooling System (IACS). MAP is used to prevent condensation on the mold surface. This allows for cold-water temperatures — below the dew point of the ambient air — to be run year-round without concerns about the impact of climate conditions on production or the life of the mold. Operated through a FIT controller, all processes are monitored and any potential errors can be quickly corrected and addressed. The low-maintenance MAP is available for use in injection molding and blow molding applications. The IACS improves the quality of blow-molded products by exchanging the internal cavity with cold air during the cooling phase, which reduces thermal stress on the material and shortens the cooling time.

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