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K 2013: Light stabilizer perfect for PC construction sheet applications

All new chemistries for plastic additives that turn out being successful products come along rarely these days but Japanese supplier Adeka is confident that its latest development will prove to be a blockbuster given the targeted nature of its mission. ADK STAB LA-1000 is a high molecular weight (1,000) triazine UV absorber whose focus is on light stabilization of polycarbonate (PC) sheet cap layers.

Explains Tomoyuki Funamizu, General Manager of Polymer Additives Sales at Adeka, "PC sheet is normally coextruded with thin PC cap layer dosed with several percent of a alight stabilizer. Being of high molecular weight, ADK STAB LA-1000 can endure processing temperatures of up to 350°C and retain its efficacy."

In other developments at Adeka, Funamizu said that the company was already considering a doubling of capacity of one pack systems (OPS) at its joint venture with Al Ghurair Petrochemicals in Abu Dhabi. The facility operated by ADEKA Al Ghurair Additives started up in 2012 with capacity of 3,000-4,000 tonnes annually.

Adeka also reports strong sales for its ADK STAB FP-2100J nitrogen/phosphorus-based flame retardant. The additive is manufactured at a plant in Shanghai, China, and finds use in flame retardation of polypropylene-based construction panels and HDPE chairs, for example. An expansion is on the cards at this facility given current demand trends. 

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