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KraussMaffei and RAMPF collaborate single-sequence IM/PUR process

Article-KraussMaffei and RAMPF collaborate single-sequence IM/PUR process

Saying that a single-sequence process to injection mold a part and immediately add a polyurethane (PUR) seal is now a reality, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH (Münich) and RAMPF Giessharze (Grafenberg, Germany) have announced that they will work together on high-pressure polyurethane processing.

(Grafenberg, Germany) have announced that they will work together on high-pressure polyurethane processing. KraussMaffei will contributes mixing heads for high-pressure metering of very small output volumes, while RAMPF will supply high-pressure sealing foams.

By combining injection molding plus a reaction process with a PUR casting resin engineered for this specific application from RAMPF, a continuous production process is created where still-hot injection molded parts are immediately foamed with PUR material in a high-pressure process.

RAMPF's first two-component PUR system for KM is RAKU-PUR 35-3500 HD, with various grades available from liquid to highly thixotropic. Said to be ideal for sealing door modules, automotive fuse boxes, or switch cabinets, the material is suitable for high-pressure processing. Parts are tackfree within one to five minutes, depending on the system. The seal has a density from 200 g/l, extremely low water absorptive capacity, and what the companies call an attractive appearance. The foam forms a defined skin and has mechanical strength.

KM says it has "perfected" its RimStar Nano PUR metering machine and its MK 3.5/5UL mixing head for total output rates as low as 3 g/sec. The self-cleaning mixing head is designed for good mixing of the components and a steady, residue-free pour of the PUR systems at very low output rates. 

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