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Large conical twin-screw extruder for wood/plastic composites

Article-Large conical twin-screw extruder for wood/plastic composites

Said to be the world?s largest conical twin-screw extruder, the TC96 brings higher outputs?up to 2600 lb/hr?to new and challenging applications for woodfiber/plastic composites (WPC). Unique compression and low-shear mixing capabilities enable high fiber loading (up to 70%) and unmatched material processing range. The extruder delivers a homogenous melt from blends of natural and synthetic fibers, heat- and shear-sensitive thermoplastics, recycled plastics, coupling and nucleating agents, pigment, and other additives.

The TC96?s large-diameter screws (202-mm tapering to 96 mm) with 30:1 L/D ratio (based on the discharge diameter) optimize feed-zone surface area for faster, more uniform heat transmission from screws to material. Tapered screw design allows a larger feed zone for fluffy material and applies a natural compression during processing, resulting in the woodflour being more effectively ?wetted out.? The deep flight channels and tight intermesh clearances between the conical screws optimize material mixing while reducing shear forces. High torque at low screw speed (34 rpm) enables gentle low-shear melting and mixing to minimize undesirable fiber breakdown and achieve excellent fiber distribution.

Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion
  Systems, Batavia, OH
(513) 536-3303;

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