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Larger machining center added to line

A bigger and more powerful vertical machining center has been added to the Performance Series line, catering to tool and moldmakers. This new BMC6434 offers a large work envelope of 64 by 34 by 30 inches and a 155-by-106-inch footprint. It has a heavy 27,000-lb frame, giving it a heavy-duty cutting capacity when coupled with 20 hp, and 164 lb-ft torque a-c spindle drive. It also has a maximum 8000 spindle RPM and a high response a-c servodrive for precision contouring.

The machining center?s 66-by-35-inch table can accommodate a maximum load of 4000 lb, can mill more than 18 cu inches/min, and can drill 1.5 inches in steel for productive run times. Full stroke accuracy of ±.0002 inch and repeatability of ±.0001 inch are standard. Rapid rates in X and Y axes of 705 inches/min are featured while the Z axis is rated at 530 inches/min. The tool changer is a fast swing arm design with 24-tool capacity and 3 second tool-to-tool exchange time.

It is accompanied by the Ultimax 4 programming station (previously covered in IMM, Sept. 1998, p. 104). The programming station, combined with the large X, Y, and Z axes offers flexibility. The BMC6434 costs $144,900.

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